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Apps for All Devices

Apps are fast becoming today's medium for disseminating information. Together Google and Apple have 96% of the market. Include Microsoft and that is over 99% of all mobile devices sold today.

We make Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps that are derived from a single responsive website. Responsive web design is a way of to designing websites so that they adjust their layout to optimally accommodate the screen size of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

We also use Apache Cordova (aka Adobe PhoneGap) technology to make cross platform mobile web apps that can use native mobile device features such as the camera and GPS location services. These apps rival the functionality and speed of native apps developed for Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Web & Mobile Design

Displaying data to all devices is only half the task of a good web development team. The other half of the job is engaging your audience. Excellent graphical design, intuitive behaviours and responsiveness are crucial to a site's success.

Our graphical designers and web developers have decades of experience in delivering lightning fast websites, and now mobile apps, that would draw your audience's attention to the message you want them to understand.

We create responsive websites that can optimally display on any screen size and also convert into Android and iOS apps that the user can download. We use a write once display on all devices paradigm that allows your data to be shown to as wide an audience as possible.

Data Gathering

Gathering and analysing your data is a crucial part of your web presence. Web aggregator and comparison websites use scripting techniques to obtain data from disparate sources. They then analyse, process and store the data for later retrieval and presentation on their websites and apps.

Our web developers have decades of experience in developing functionality for the extraction and storage of data. We extract data from almost any source. We also create applications that can gather your data offline from within your office environment and then deliver the data to your website, securely, as you require.

Data transforming algorithms we develop allow us to convert machine level data into human readable information that can be rendered in any format you need. We are completely at ease with all the techniques of Machine to Machine (M2M) data exchange and can connect your systems so that they can effectively talk to each other.

Corporate Applications

Appropriate information presentation is the primary key for efficient use of a corporate web applications. To be efficient all the data for a given process needs to be in a single view that is readily available given a minimum of possible input by the user.

We make intranet and extranet websites for corporate clients that require advanced security features. Our practical experience in configuring servers allows us to provide the exact system you require to meet your needs.

Our web developers have decades of experience in developing scripted functionality for the extraction and storage of data. We also present data in many formats. Such as web pages, PDF and Word documents, emails, spreadsheets, SMS messages and all kinds of imagery.